Growing Pains

The Awkward Teenage Years


Evidently, I was an interesting looking pup—especially throughout my awkward teenage years. I don’t think anyone really knew what I was going to look like all grown up—not that it mattered to my human. That being said, she often jokes that she called me “Dudley” because I was a ridiculous puppy and needed a well- suited name (sorry to all the Dudley’s out there). Ok, so I might have been all paws back then, but to be fair, there is a reason teenagers are generally clumsy.

The teenage years are a time for growth spurts, particularly between the ages of 13 to 18 years—human years that is. An average human can grow several inches within a couple months.  This sudden change in the body’s dimensions (height and length of limbs) can affect the ability to control movement, even well-established movement patterns like walking.

The brain needs to adapt to these changes but this can take time, often resulting in some … let’s say, “inelegant” movement behaviour.  Thankfully, adapting is what the brain does best and most of us manage to survive our teenage years without too many life-altering mishaps.

I am older now and have grown into my paws—and my looks, thank goodness. And barring a few incidences that I would prefer not to elaborate on, I made it through my awkward teenage years relatively unscathed. Plus, the name Dudley has certainly grown on me. If anything, I think it makes me sound rather distinguished. What do you think?

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